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Menstrual Blood Stem Cells Video

Briganti, C. 2010. Mademoicelle Design Process Video. The Mademoicelle video was produced by Parsons School of Design Alumna Chelsea Briganti, who, after attending the New York Stem Cell Foundation Annual Translational Medicine Conference, decided to center her senior thesis project on menstrual blood stem cells to both support public banking and to challenge how people traditionally view menstrual blood.


This collection of video and text resources reviews menstrual blood stem cell research. The second video is conducted by a young reporter “The Resident” who interviews people on the street regarding their views on menstrual stem cell research. The remaining blog posts and review article by Rowland provide a rich overview of the research on the heterogenous population of cells found in menstrual blood and their range of regenerative and differentiation potential. The news articles highlight issues of quantity, sterility, access, diversity, and therapeutic potential.

  1. Video: Briganti, C. 2010. Mademoicelle Design Process Video.
  2. Blog Post: Laberre, S. May 18, 2010. Almost Genius. The Once a Month Stem-Cell Collector for Ladies. container to hold it. Fast Company Online. Link
  3. Blog Post. Ngo, D. May 18, 2010. Student Invents Silicone “ Tampons” to Harvest Monthly Menstrual Stem Cells. Link
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  6. News Article: Roberts, M. Nov 12, 2007.  Concern Over Menstrual Blood Bank. BBCNews. Discusses the hype, sterility patent of Cryo-cell, and the Human Tissue Authority in UK. Link
  7. News Article: Kerr, M. March 2006. Menstrual blood yields stem cells. Abc/ the lab online.  Miyoshi’ work and the identification of 30x more stem cells than bone marrow. Link
  8. Science Review Article: Motluck, A. Nov 15, 2007. Menstrual Blood could be rich source of stem cells. New Scientist online. Describes different researchers and stemmy markers. Link
  9. Mini Science Review: Lin, J.  et al. 2011. Plasticity of  human menstrual blood stem cells  derived from the endometrium. Journal of Zhejiang University Science B- Biomedicine & Biotechnology . 12 (5):372-380.  Link
  10. Research Article: Chen, L. et al. 2017. Exosomes derived from human menstrual blood-derived stem cells alleviate fulminant hepatic failure. Stem Cell Research and Therapy. 8:9. Link
  11. Research Article: Chen, L. et al. 2017. Human Menstrual blood‐derived stem cells ameliorate liver fibrosis in mice by targeting hepatic stellate cells via paracrine mediators. Stem Cell Research and Therapy. 6 (1):272-284. Link