Stem Cells Across The Curriculum


Refworks is a bibliographic software tool that allows for the construction of a database of resources that is searchable by keyword, title, author, etc. Refworks also allows you to create a bibliography from any list of selected resources.

As there were many contributors to the SCAC project, we have amassed over 450 resources into a Refworks SCAC Master Folder. This database is accessible from the

Refshare Link.

Each resource is tagged with custom "descriptors" making the database searchable in relation to the key topics of each module in this curriculum as listed below.

NOTE: The most comprehensive way to search for module-related resources is to use "descriptors" containing the module number. Due to the evolution of the project, module numbers have shifted and the Refworks database uses the older module headings listed below:

  • "Module 1" for Hela Cells & HPV Genes: Immortality & Cancer
  • "Module 2" for Eggs & Blood: Gifts & Commodities
  • "Module 5" for Disease, Disability & Immortality: Hope & Hype
  • "Module 5" and "Module 6" for Stem Cells & Policy: Values & Religion

NOTE: For a more in-depth search, users can use any of the "descriptors" we used to tag the resources and a partial list appears below. Additionally, you can search for resources by format using descriptors such as "art," "video," "film," “media,” and "infographic" and for resources not necessarily associated with a specific module, such as “science education," " basic science," or "pluripotency."

Hela Cells & HPV Genes: Immortality & Cancer: HeLa;Module 1;informed consent;IRB;immortality;telomeres;HPV; WI-38; Haylfick;gartlerti;contamination;Sarkett;John Moore;Slavin;PZE;greenberg;catalona;BRCA;Myriad;patents;bone marrow;diversity;race;gender;Zoloth;cervical cancer;cell cycle;ATCC;polio;international policy; national policy;chimera;lawuits;banks;biobanks;public; private;commodification; commodity;labor;wage payment;donation;gift;bioeconomy;tissue culture;intersectionality;social justice;Havasupai;Kubicek;Gey;race

Eggs & Blood: Gifts & Commodities: oocytes;Module4;eggs;sperm; eggs and blood;gametes;fertilization;feminist; compensation;payment;oocyte payment;oocyte compensation;egg sharing;commodification;commodity;capitalism;labor; bioeconomy;gift;provider;donor;extranumerary;clone;cybrid;ANT;SCNT;ESCs;hESCs;nuclear reprogramming;PGD; savior sibling; Trevino; IVF;OHSS;parthenogenesis;health risks;ESCRO;moral status of the embryo;HFEA;NYSTEM;CIRM;ISSCR;cloning;ESCs;international policy; national policy;state legislation;niche;egg freezing;social egg freezing; ovarian stem cells;Hwang;South Korea;waste;menstrual;fat;breast;gender

Disease, Disability & Immortality: Hope& Hype: disease and disability;module 5;module 6;Asch;medical model, social model;disease;disability;ADA;therapeutic misconception;therapy;drugs;law;patents;clinical trials;informed consent; fraud;snake oil;international policy; national policy; ASCs;iPSCS;fetal;Parkinsons;Alzheimers;spinal cord injury;enhancement;fixed;social model;biomedical model; health risks;stem cell therapy; stem cell transplant;fetal;brain;cosmetics;baldness;hair;fat;breasts

Stem Cells & Policy: Values & Religion: moral status of the embryo; embryo; ESCRO; IRB;pro-life;module5;module6;ANT;cybrids;chimera;etranumerary;snowflake;dignity;aleinability;ontology; committees; bioethics; ethics;international policy; national policy;public;private;state legislation;NYSTEM;CIRM; ISSCR;lawsuits; patents

To search the database, users have two options.

Option 1: Locate the icon in the right corner for “Search” and in the field to the left of it, type in your search terms.

refworks image

Option 2: If you would like to do a more customized search, select the "Export" option and export the SCAC Master Folder to your own Refworks account or other bibliographic software, such as Endnote. Once you are logged into your account, you can access the imported folder and from the menu at the top of page, click on "Search" and select “Advanced” from the pull down menu. In the pop-up window, select the SCAC Master Folder from the pull down menu and select the “descriptors” option in the pull down menu associated with the Search Field and enter your "descriptor."

refworks image refworks image

Once a resource is identified, clicking on it and using the "edit" option allows one to see more information, and clicking on the tab " Additional Fields" allows one to see the Notes contributed by members of the SCAC team.

We apologize that not all the resources associated with the SCAC project have been entered into the Refworks SCAC Master Folder, as this is a work in progress.